Windows VPS

NVME SSD Windows VPS for premium performance!

RAM Pricing
1GB $15/mo
2GB $25/mo
3GB $40/mo
4GB $55/mo
8GB $70/mo

SolusVM Control Panel


Every SSD VPS is deployed with powerful GUI based popular VPS management system SolusVM. It gives you the ability to manage VPS from an intuitive interface including but not limited to install OS, reboot and shutdown.

NVME Solid State Drives

NVME SSD based are latest industry standard which are faster than normal SSDs. Most SSDs will provide Read/Write speeds of 530/500 MB/s whereas NVMe drives provide write speeds as high as 3500MB/s i.e. 7 times more than SSD.

Intel Xeon CPU & KVM Virtualization

Each SSD VPS is powered by Intel Xeon processors with KVM virtualization. This means dedicated resources for your VPS for blazing performance.

HTML5 VNC client

VNC, or Virtual Network Computing allows to connect to the OS desktop of a server remotely.

Locations Available

Nevada - USA
California - USA
Texas - USA
New Jersey - USA
Virginia - USA
New York - USA
Colorado - USA
Florida - USA

Multiple Operating System Choices

Windows 2019 Server 64-Bit
Windows 2016 Server 64-Bit
Windows Server 2012 R2 64-Bit
Windows Server 2008 R2 64-Bit

Extra IPv4 Address

1 Extra IP $1.00 USD
2 Extra IPs $2.00 USD
3 Extra IPs $3.00 USD
4 Extra IPs $4.00 USD

Additional License

SQL Server - Web Edition - $20/month
SQL Server - Standard Edition - $280/month
SQL Server - Enterprise Edition - $1010/month

Additional Services Available

Contact support team for more information.
* Backup Weekly/Monthly
* DDOS Protection
* Server Management
* Additional hardware resources