Hardware Resource Limits Upgradeable

  • August 31, 2019 by Admin User

Additional Resources

Shared hosting allows limited hardware resources for each cpanel account. Each cpanel account features 1GB Ram, 1 Core CPU with 20 Entry processes. For full details read Terms of Service.
You can check your website's performance under CPU and "Concurrent Connection Usage". You can always upgrade your account in case it is being limited by resources. Just open a ticket with the details of resources required upgrading.

    Following addons can be ordered on top of your existing resources.
  • 1GB RAM for 2$/month
  • 20 Entry Processes for 2$/month
  • 4MB/sec IO limit for 2$/month
  • 1 CPU Core of CPU for 2$/month
  • 4000 IOPS for 2$/month
  • 50 Number Of Processes for 2$/month
For further information read full article here. Resource Monitor