Cypto Payments

  • December 25, 2019 by Admin User

We now only accept BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, & Ripple All crypto payments will now have to made manually to relative coin addresses. Please use the following addresses to make payment and let us know through email or ticket. 

BTC Address: 33AJ5fAA2omYoCEmjSciNyT6rgx9QQrnH7

ETH Address: 0xC8A17BF07fde74cc798797f3A7905A1941707A0c

LTC Address: MD5vMCcygpaq1eHpDzuu6WooLji2W71sTp

BCH Address: bitcoincash:qrcej2m06rftpv9dvpjvd94zpka2ddmu9ufcn379s2

Ripple XRP Address: rLpumSZQNJ6Cve7hfQcdkG9rJbJhkSV8AD