Buy Web Hosting using Ripple Coin

Host Mayo has added a new coin to their fleet. This time its the popular XRP based Ripple Coin. Now you can buy any shared web hosting or vps using ripple coin.

Ripple itself is not a cryptocurrency, It is an inter bank payment tool. While Bitcoin is created through a process called “mining.” Although Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies are designed as exchange media, Ripple is a cross-border settlement asset designed to optimize bank liquidity to address the enormous challenges that plague international banks.

The benefits of Ripple Coin are as follow:

  • Ripple network can send any currency
  • Ripple trade can be completed in seconds
  • Ripple has no exchange risk and can exchange any legal currency
  • No mining or direct monetary reward when running the Ripple server

The three major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) are leading the market and have their own advantages, Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a value storage tool while Ethereum is specialized in the smart field, and Ripple is responsible for providing vertical solutions for payment problems. 

You can checkout complete list of accepted coins and methods on our payment methods page.

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