Linux UK VPS Server

Each VPS has 1Gbps uplink and DDOS Protection.

RAM NVMe SSD Storage CPU Cores Pricing
1 GB 20 GB 1 CPU $7.00/mo
2 GB 40 GB 2 CPU $12.00/mo
3 GB 60 GB 3 CPU $20.00/mo
4 GB 80 GB 4 CPU $35.00/mo
8 GB 100 GB 4 CPU $60.00/mo
16 GB 200 GB 8 CPU $100.00/mo

UK VPS Server Location

Located strategically between Europe and the United States, the United Kingdom is an ideal location for hosting a VPS server that caters seamlessly to customers in both regions. Whether you aim to establish a private Linux VPS server for cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoins or engage confidently in Forex trading with peers with Windows UK VPS, our servers guarantees utmost privacy and security for your critical data. Moreover, benefiting from the UK's robust economy, stable power grid, and resilient network infrastructure, your UK VPS Server promises minimal downtime, uninterrupted service and blazing fast speeds.

Additional IPs 2$/month

Control Panel

Each VPS Hosting plan gives powerful GUI based popular VPS management system Virtualizor. It gives you the ability to manage VPS from an intuitive interface including but not limited to install OS, reboot and shutdown.


NVME is the next evoluatin of SSD (Solid State Drive) which provides highet I/O for your vps ensuring fast and responsive services.


Each VPS Plan is powered by AMD Ryzen 5700x processor which is the latest breed of cpus.

VPS Deployment Time

VPS is setup instantly upon payment. As soon as the payment is made the bililng system provisions the server and send a welcome email with all the server details.

Virtualization & Location

Virtualization: KVM
Location: Wallsend, UK
Test IPv4 IP:

Multiple Operating System Choices

Choose from different popular operating systems for Linux UK VPS: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and many more.


Do we block any ports?

No. Each server comes with all ports open by default.

Do we allow refunds?

Yes. We allow refund if cancel with in 3 days of order. Read TOS for more deatils.

Do we allow RDNS?

Yes. RDNS can be setup on our VPS servers by opening ticket.

Do we allow custom ISOs and Windows?

All plans are standard for Linux VPS Server. We offer Windows RDP UK VPS / Custom isos for additional 2$.