Host Mayo moved to QuickPacket™

Host Mayo recently faced DDOS attacked due to which one of our server located at faced forced black out. The Wholesaleinternet does not offer protection against DDOS attack even if its a minor one. So after facing downtime of few hours on three days caused huge frustration among us and in our clients. We were determined to move this server and here we are. All the data and settings have now been completely moved from WholeSaleInternet to QuickPacket™. The have been in the business since 2003 and are also active on popular forum LET. They have data centers located in three different cities namely Charlotte,  Los Angeles, Chicago. We have opted for Los Angeles location due to its better connectivity with Asian countries as the route of internet traffic is shortest from there. Moreover they had DDOS protection in LA and Chicago only.

Host Mayo lost some clients but eventually on the brighter side we are now more secure and stable and ready for future. We promise our clients smooth and uninterrupted services in the future. Thanks once again to those who showed patience during this hard time.

QuickPacket LA Server
Pciture of Server in Los Angeles Data Center of QuickPacket

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