Host Mayo Summer 2018 Updates!

Well its been while since 2018 has been started and here are some of the improvements we have made since our last news letter in September.

  • Host Mayo website revamped with a more refreshing Blue color and we are going to stick with it.
  • Cantos 5 is now also available for installation under VPS.
  • Our Forums  are now active and synced with our Blog.
  • Blog theme has been refreshed in line with our color scheme of main website.
  • We have launched SSD VPS server based in US Dallas. Currently we are offering VPS plans for Dallas and Los Angels in US.
  • For the first time we have announced 50% recurring discount coupon “extreme” which will be valid through out this year till 31.12.208.
  • Oh! We have also revised our new Logo. It is more elegant and sleek looking than our previous logo which was more traditional.
Host Mayo Logo 2015
Host Mayo Logo 2015
Host Mayo Logo 2018
Host Mayo Logo 2018







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