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The Site Publisher by CPanel is another great feature by the same company that is leading the hosting industry with their famous CPanel & WHM softwares. The Site Publisher tool in CPanel is used to launch your full website in a matter of minutes without the need to know coding. So what is this Site Publisher

The cPanel, Inc. says about it as

Hosting providers can now get their users up and running with Site Publisher, an easy-to-use static web page generator. With 3 templates to choose from, and the ability to build your own, give your customers an immediate web presence with just a few clicks from their cPanel dashboard.

  • Reduce customer churn by providing your customers with a fully-designed web page as part of account setup
  • Reduce security risks by not depending on content management systems
  • Static pages allow for higher account density and better server performance

Lets learn how to publish your site with it.

Site Publisher Overview

This interface enables you to quickly create a simple website, even if you have never created a website before. When you use this interface, you will select an appropriate template for your website, and then enter the website content that the template requests.

For example, you can use this interface to create a simple website with your business’s information, or to create a placeholder page while you prepare a more elaborate website.


Create or modify a Site Publisher website

To create or modify a Site Publisher website for one of your domains, perform the following steps:

  1. Select a domain from the list of available domains, addon domains, and subdomains.
    • If you only own a single domain, or if you accessed this interface via a link after subdomain or addon domain creation, the system automatically selects that domain and proceeds to the next step.
    • Site-Publisher-Step-1
  2. Select a template from the available options.
    • The Select a Template section of this interface displays a preview image, name, and description for each available Site Publisher template.
    • If you selected a domain that already uses a Site Publisher website, the system preselects the current template.
    • Site-Publisher-Step-2
  3. Enter or update the desired website content.


    The template that you select determines the content that you enter in the Customize and Publish section.


  4. Click Publish. A confirmation message will appear with a link to your new website.

Site Publisher files

When you publish a Site Publisher website, cPanel automatically generates the files for your website, and stores them in the domain’s document root.

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