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    With the release of 5.8 version, clientexec has added support for After the Bit Pay we now have another popular crypto-currency. The other prominent change is the addition of server plugin for The company is affiliated with crypto mining business.

    The complete change log for ver 5.8 is as follow:

    * System / Admin
    – Fixed issue not allowing to upgrade from versions lower than 5.0.1. (JD)
    – “Hide hosting custom fields” checkbox located under General tab when configuring a Hosting Product now has a reference to the related setting located in “Settings > Products > Order Page > Prompt for domain username and password”. (JD)
    – Updated package variable varname to be 250 characters. (MG)
    – Fixed Security Issue. More details to be released at a later date. (MG)
    – Renamed billing cycles in some sections. Semi-Annual or Semi-Annualy is now Semiannually, Annual or Yearly is now Annually. (JD)
    – Added Beta support for PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2. ionCube Loader 10.2 or higher is now required. (MG)
    – Remove unused fonts from our PDF generation, drasically reducing the size of the download. (MG)
    – Updated API to allow getting user based on their id. (MG)
    – Updated announcements to only notify for active packages when Audience is: Select Servers, Select Product Groups or Select Products. (JD)
    – Fixed lazy loading of javascript while behind CloudFlare. (MG)
    – Fixed invalid function call when adding an alt-account. (JD)
    – Ensure all DejaVu fonts are available for PDFs. (MG)
    – Added new event listener for Invoice-Paid. (MG)
    – Removed unused “JavaScript Source” template setting. (MG)
    – Added “Package Group Type Id” in the custom options for notifications rules. (JD)
    – Added action dropdown to select what you want a notification to do. (JD)

    * Support
    – Fixed possible issue with submitting tickets when ‘Allow Customer File Uploads’ is turned off. (MG)

    * Plugins
    – Removed deprecated plugin gateway fields ’30 Day Billing’ and ‘Generate Invoices After Callback Notification’. (JD)
    – Ensure Inteworx plugin can properly validate SSL certs. (MG)
    – Fixed issue preventing the BuycPanel plugin from displaying licenses properly. (MG)
    – Fixed different issues among gateway plugins. (JD)
    – Added the ability for server plugins to show a public (customer) side view. (MG)
    – Added new CoinPayments gateway plugin. (MG)
    – Updated automation service plugin ‘Delete Pending Users’ to also allow deleting Inactive, Cancelled and/or Fraud users, as long as he/she does not have any active package or opened ticket. (JD)
    – Added filter by ‘Client Id’ in Customer Data CSV Exporter. (JD)
    – Fixed issue with Bulk Mailer corrupting support ticket attachments. (MG)
    – Do not mark domains as cancelled when we get an ‘Access Denied’ error message from ResellerClub. (MG)
    – Removed Bitcoin from Stripe Checkout. They are no longer supporting it. (JD)

    * Signup
    – Fixed different issues related to bundled products not working as expected, like them restarting the order, or them not been properly removed from the cart. (JD)
    – Fixed issue with error messages for domain in signup, when their translations had a single quote. (JD)
    – Allow domain name to be sent to sign up with the GET paramters domain and ext. (MG)
    – Allow sign up step 1 to be a POST request, to fix 3rd party domain passing. (MG)
    – Fixed possible bug with updating a package on the hosting server not triggering unless the package changed. (MG)
    – Added two new server plugins for (MG)
    – Added “There are no packages configured for this package type” warning for signup Domains and Compare views when there are no products configured. (JD)
    – Create Account needs to have the ToS check-box, if it’s enabled. (JD)
    – Added support for MaxMind’s Device Tracking Add-on. (MG)
    – Fixed responsive issue with pricing table on sign up. (MG)

    * Clients
    – Fixed possible issue with saving domain extra attributes and the epp code on admin. (MG)
    – Fixed issue with displaying name servers on the client side. (MG)
    – Fixed clickable area on login page for New Account and Reset Password. (MG)
    – Ensure Server and IP Address are also hidden from client side when “Hide hosting custom fields” is enabled. (MG)
    – Fixed filter buttons on tables to be more readable (MG)
    – Removed usage of NE_EVENTLOG_USER_ERASED and any previous events log of erased users. Also, deleting a user will now also delete his events log. (JD)
    – Added a button in the customer profile (Admin side), to export client data. (JD)
    – Fixed style issue on the main page when only two boxes are shown. (MG)
    – Fixed conflict with CloudFlare and updating name servers on client side. (MG)
    – Added support for [SERVERNAME] email tag in welcome emails. (MG)

    * Billing
    – Updated invoice emails to use the taxes names. (JD)
    – Process Credit Card Payments will now ignore an invoice when **Charge CC Automatically** is disabled for a package in the invoice. (JD)
    – Fixed possible error with invoice direct link when an invoice is already paid. (MG)
    – Fixed ‘Make this my default payment method’. (JD)
    – Fixed an issue due to the way MySQL is storing the values. Fixed by rounding the values to 2 decimals before comparing them. (JD)


    * System / Admin
    – Fixed issue adding “\r\n” for new lines in staff signatures. (MG)
    – Ensure CSS is not cached in a new version. (MG)
    – Fix loading jQuery and BootStrap javascript when using CloudFlare. (MG)

    * Plugins
    – Ensure the Fetch Ticket service does not get disabled during upgrade. (MG)

    * Clients
    – Add missing translations. (MG)
    – Ensure we only call get products on dashboard if we are showing the products list. (MG)


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