Why choose LiteSpeed hosting?

The frustration of not being able to access your data at the single click and waiting for long for it to load for you is common sight these days when money is time and the time is money for people. Gone are the days when people had to wait for the mails to be delivered at snail’s pace and media buffering for them to enjoy hours later. Now in the 21st century where everyone wants to stay ahead of time they must choose what’s best out there. When you look for the best services, there comes LiteSpeed hosting in the play. LiteSpeed is a type of web server that provides the fastest web hosting and is hassle free in its use. It is many times faster than any other modes to save the precious time. When you want everything as per the latest trends choose LiteSpeed which not only is faster but comes with various benefits.

Hosting being an industry which is continuously evolving as per the time, LiteSpeed hosting is one of the latest additions and newest improvements in the web world. Not just providing you with better performance and more speed, LiteSpeed comes with many advantages which is nine times faster than Apache. LiteSpeed is interchangeable with Apache, which means it can be used on any server with Apache pre-installed. It comes in three different versions: Enterprise, Open Source and Standard. The standard and open source versions are free, while the enterprise version requires a licensing fee. Whether it’s a dedicated server want to run or you’re running a website on a shared hosting package, it is LiteSpeed that will give you a competitive edge against your peers and will take you much farther than them.

Benefits of LiteSpeed hosting:

  • LiteSpeed has small memory footprint.
  • It equally supports PHP4 and PHP5 with better performance including auto setup and easy installation.
  • It is easily interchangeable with apache which makes it easier for one to choose their preferences.
  • Scalability of external web applications has been increased compared to the previous hosts.
  • Most of all, it is up to Nine Times Faster than Apache.

litespeed hosting vs apache

The increased speed and performance due to LiteSpeed provides any website on a web server more search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Part of the ranking algorithm used by Google, Yahoo, Bing and most other search engines is the load time of your website. If you have the exact same SEO score in all other categories, but your website loads faster, you will most likely outrank your competitor. And this is what makes the difference between the two. LiteSpeed is the booster to your business and saver of our time. Choose LiteSpeed hosting and see the difference yourself.

Get more information about LiteSpeed hosting benefits by reading on their official site here.

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