Host Mayo Covered on HostingAdvice.Com

Hosting Advice is a big name when it comes to looking for a platform with transparent and honest reviews about web hosting industry. The sole mission of this company is to inform and guide their visitors about the different aspects of the Web Hosting. With an annual budget of $48,000 the Hosting Advice reviews small industry players to big guns of the industry like Blue Host, Hostgator, Hostinger and etc. They simply claim to be an advising authority for the web hosting industry.

Recently Sean Garrity, the Managing Editor at HostingAdvice interviewed Waqass, the CEO of Host Mayo and published it on their blog on 28.04.2020. It is pertinent to mention here that Mr. Sean has more than 10 years of experience in writing, researching and publishing numerous publications on web hosting industry.

The interview has thrown light on the company’s strategy for catering regional clients and able to establish a strong clientele round the globe on the basis of a pricing model that delivers value.

A snippet from the interview is follow:

Waqass said he also understands that spending more money to grow the Host Mayo brand may result in awareness, but it won’t necessarily attract customers. Instead, he focuses on making the Host Mayo brand a favorable mix of price and performance. And Waqass said he believes that this will lead customers to switch away from the cheap-but-risky hosting alternatives in the region and beyond.

For full article please go the link here:

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