Accepting Tron Coin Along with BTC, LTC & ETH

Host Mayo has once again started accepting TRON coin. We published article on Buy Web Hosting using TRON & MONERO in Jan19 but later on limited the acceptability of cryptos to only few popular coins. This was done due changes in the policy of crypto payment processors for our Country. Now once again we have started accepting TRON as we love it. The Monero coin is still not accepted though and we are working on it. We are looking forward towards the processing companies to relax the terms and allow us their services all the countries. Meanwhile we accept the following cryptos.

Bitcoin: 33AJ5fAA2omYoCEmjSciNyT6rgx9QQrnH7

ETH: 0xC8A17BF07fde74cc798797f3A7905A1941707A0c

LTC: MD5vMCcygpaq1eHpDzuu6WooLji2W71sTp

Ripple: rLpumSZQNJ6Cve7hfQcdkG9rJbJhkSV8AD

BCH: bitcoincash:qrcej2m06rftpv9dvpjvd94zpka2ddmu9ufcn379s2

Tron: TVJ9Ms4kqmFQEQsp3b1u733WFptSf9qhFV

Why Tron Coin

The Tron is a non-profit entity based in Singapore. The foundation mainly focuses on core principles of crypto network i.e. opennessfairness, and transparency that is why many merchants have started accepting Tron coin. Tron is decentralized crpto network. Tron has improved Bitcoin’s model by providing additional security. The model TRX uses is called UTXO.

Accepting Tron Coin on Host Mayo

Buy Web Hosting Using Tron Coin

Host Mayo is using Tronlink wallet to accept payments of TRON. This will benefit us as transaction fees are near to none.

The above screenshot is from the Tronlink wallet using chrome web extension. It shows only 0.1 TRX fee for just activating the account. That it self is on very low side. Though all the future transactions will be free i.e. zero processing fee. This will benefit the merchants and clients both enjoy the services without paying huge chunks to companies like paypal or credit card processors. Companies like these or even crypto exchange companies charges transaction fees like 2.5% or on per transaction fees. This hurts more when you products are under 10 dollar and profit margins are already low. So TRON will be a great help to remedy this The future is here the TRON is here.

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