Buy Web Hosting using TRON & MONERO

We have finally added the TRON & MONERO crypto currencies to our fleet of accepted crypto coins. You can buy web hosting using TRON & MONERO including VPS, Shared web hosting, Business web hosting, WP Hosting and Reseller . For full list of accepted crypto coins visit our payment methods page. Let me share some of the benefits of these two crypto coins which made us include these coins in the list of accepted crypto coins. It is pertinent to mention here that both of these coins are in a head to head race to reach top spot in top ten crypto coins.


Here are some of the benefits of this digital coin.

  1. Monero is simply much secured crypto coin. It uses ring signatures, ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses. These methods obfuscate the origins, amounts, and destinations of all transactions means no one can know what transactions are being processed by other. Unlike bitcoin blockchain through which any one can trace a particular transaction in respect of amount location etc.
  2. Monero cannot be blacklisted by vendors or exchanges as there is no way they can associate it with a particular user due to its stealth capabilities as described above.


Now we come to TRON… my favorite why? Of course because of the movie. Well lets get back to the benefits of this crypto coin which are as follow:

  1. TRX consistently handles 2,000 transactions per second as compared to Bitcoins 6 and Ethereum’s 25. So technically its faster.
  2. It is scale-able. Recently they have also announced to shift from Etherum’s blockchain in June 2019 just to scale up.
  3. Smart contracts enabled. Just like other advance block chain TRON coin can also incorporate smart contracts in their transactions.

Buy Web Hosting using TRON & MONERO

Also another benefit is that you can buy web hosting using TRON on hostmayo. Lastly I would like to share the trailer of the TRON movie. The classic one still creates a nostalgia. The first movie I remember opened the door of virtual world to me.

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[…] Mayo has once again started accepting TRON coin. We published article on Buy Web Hosting using TRON & MONERO in Jan19 but later on limited the acceptability of cryptos to only few popular coins. This was done […]