Four popular web technologies every web designer should know

There are a couple of techniques you should try to learn how they work. They are on demand, and it will be appropriate a web designer should know them into detail. However there are four popular web technologies that a web designer can’t live without these days.

Earlier on when the internet was gaining its streams and popularity, HTML and its element was the trendy and significant feature one had to learn.

four popular web technologies

Additionally, learning it was helping designers in putting and running web pages. However, due to the evolution in the web industry, innovation and technology have been changing it. Recently web constitutes of diverse skills and tests. Moreover, it involves:

  • Graphics,
  • Interface design
  • Writing and publishing Content
  • Coding
  • Designer’s experience and knowledge
  • SEO.

It lists are endless; however, it is difficult for a designer to learn all these skills and it is the reason you find most of them work in groups. It means assigning every artist in the group according to the skills he has. Besides, that there are core competencies a designer should know or if you are a team, you should have one member who is proficient in these technologies. We will discuss the Four popular web technologies prevailing these days.

Four popular web technologies include

  1. HTML 5
  2. CSS3
  4. Frameworks


Html is hypertext markup language. There are other versions of HTML, but the reason HTML5 is crucial is because it has a purpose of securing and changing browser plugins.  In earlier on, audio or video plugs you could not be able to provide them unless you provide them using a flash. In this version, it is capable of handling those elements. Moreover it has the element of mobile ready interface. The sections of the webpage are already defined in html5 as header, section, aside and footer. The HTML5 is the future and current standard for building web pages.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets; however CSS3 is its latest version. It is a skill that has a lot of abilities to offer. It has shadows, rounding corners, gradients, different transitions; moreover, it has a new layout where there are multi-color pages. Additionally, you will find an open box or grid patterns. For you to attain them in other earlier version, you had to code.


One should know how to build a responsive and beautiful websites. Jquery is no just creating a website on a browser that people require nowadays but can one add different features to the website along with different interactive functions. Responsive mobile menu is also achieved, auto submission of forms is another thing you can do with JQuery. This was all previously achievable using Javascrip however the JQuery has simplified the way things were done previously.You can visit the official website of JQuery and get to know different features JQuery gives you on ready to go basis.


It is a feature that has a purpose of supporting your site and all its applications. It aims at promoting coding in some of the areas and all other popular functions pre built. These may include a database or a session management. Some frameworks completes its purpose through model view controller (MVC) and AngularJS. MVC is a universal design in almost all web applications while AngularJS supports HTML feature in applications. You can decide to choose any language for writing your web page, however the frameworks will be one letting you job well done. For instance the popular frameworks on PHP are LAVA, Cake, Codeignitor and the list goes on.


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