Types of Web Hosting

Unswerving and trustworthy is an essential element when developing a website. Moreover, it is crucial as it determines how you will present your website to your client. Additionally, your customers will want to check their sites’ access despite being in the developing stage. Besides, even when you complete your website, they would want to access it anytime. Here comes the hosting part where you have to put your site on online server. There are major four types of web hosting. These will be explained as follow.

However, if you have a new customer, it will be best to start explaining right from the scratch what is web hosting. Literary web hosting involves storing website files on a remote server. When you click on various sites to check their products, they have a hosting provider. Besides, getting a hosting company means that it is a partial payment you are paying.

Additionally, some companies offer hosting and domain name as different costs, whereas others make them inclusive, especially for people with new websites. Subsequently, you will be paying a certain fee every month where other hosting companies allowing quarterly or annually installments.


It is important to let your client as a developer knows what downtime means. It means your website will be inaccessible for several hours or minutes. It all depends on the reason it is down when one is having maintenance or updating their websites; it may happen. However, do you know that when you choose a dependable hosting company downtime can be a gone case?

Selection of host depends upon the amount of resources you will be using. Additionally, it explains why when choosing a hosting company, you need to identify how much products for an e-commerce site you will be dealing with daily. Moreover, knowing the magnitude of your products will help you choose an appropriate hosting company. Furthermore, you will neither lose new visitors or traffic as it is there all the time.

A developer should explain all the four types of hosting to his clients. Moreover, when the client understands them he clearly, he is ready to make an informed decision. The five types of web hosting include free, sharing, dedicated and collocation hosting.

Types of Web Hosting

  • Free hosting- it is ideal when you want to have a website for funny jokes or activities.
  • Sharing hosting- implies that you will be sharing a hosting server with other sites. It is economical and the cheapest one
  • VPS – Single hardware isolated by software so you get dedicated resources though its a virtual isolation.
  • Dedicated hosting- You will be given a single hosting server and pay it is costly solely. The dedicated servers are full hardware rented out to you.
  • Collocating hosting- You buy the hardware and ask the company to place it under their data centers. You have full control over your machine and what you do with it in this type of hosting.
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